Bot wont send message in x channel
what to do if the bot wont send a message in a certian channel
the main reason the bot will not send a message in x channel it probably because of permissions for that channel
to fix the bot click on the gear icon next to the channel the bot cant send a message in if there is no gear icon you are not an admin of that server and you should ask an admin or owner to do this.
now your channel settings will appear click on the 'Permissions' tab so your screen will look like this once it does you need to add a role in this case it's going to be called "SpartBot" by clicking the + circled in red
Once you have clicked the + a small window will pop up with all the server roles and some users you can use the search function to find the SpartBot role once you have found it click on it
check all these permissions so it looks like the photos below
once they are ticked and look like that click the 'save changes' button now you are done click the back button or esc key
any problems with the bot or docs? contact one of us
Last modified 10mo ago
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