Setting up tickets
if you have not added spartbot to that server please do that now or this will not work
first, you want to navigate to the server you would like to add a ticket system to and make a channel only spartbot can send messages to like so
then go to click 'Dashboard' next to the server you would like to add the ticket system to
now click on tickets and you will be redirected to the tickets page
Click 'create panel' and a window should pop up
once you have given your ticket embed a name and description select the channel you want to send it to and then click 'create'
if you look in the channel the message has sent but there is no way to make a ticket, let's do that now.
now click 'edit panel' then 'new category' then 'add emoji'
now I suggest using the search bar and typing in "mail" and using the mail emoji but it is up to you
now you need to give the category a name eg "support-tickets" then you select the support roles these are staff and helpers that can see peoples support tickets
if you don't want to log the tickets that's it you're done! go enjoy your ticket support system.
if you would like to set up ticket logging click here
any problems with the bot or docs? contact one of us
Last modified 10mo ago
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